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We at Amaiseas Enterprises are always committed to making sure that our customers are getting the best value for money and for that we are always improving our quality standards and quality control processes on a daily basis.

Safety and Privacy

AMAISEASENTERPRISES.COM acknowledges that its users(Collective and Individuals), website visitors, and others who utilize products, websites, designs, and everything that belong to Amaiseas Enterprises value their privacy policy. This privacy policy applies to all the services, products, and websites owned by Amaiseas Enterprises and explains the crucial information regarding the use and disclosure of data associated with its users whether they are individual or a group. 

Any data you provide will remain subject to this privacy policy.it's terms and AmaiseasEnterprises.com TERMS OF USE.

The privacy policy of AmaiseasEnterprises.com only applies only to those services, websites, and products that are owned by AmaiseasEnterprises.com. Other websites and links from within AmaiseasEnterprises.com are owned and operated by others and they may have different policies and rules as per their website. If you have any privacy issues then we recommend you to have a look at their privacy policy.

Third-party companies may collaborate with AmaiseasEnterprises.com to run and track advertisements on AmaiseasEnterprises.com and other websites and pages owned by Amaiseas Enterprises, These companies may use some information excluding Your (Name,  Address,  Contact,  Personal Bank Details, Net Banking Data, Transaction Details, Email Addresses) including Your (visits to this website and other websites) to track and analyze the impact of advertising for its improvement and for the further advertisement of various products and services based on your interest. 

Utilisation and Collection of Information

Signing up and registering on our websites owned by Amaiseas Enterprises is vital for placing an order, submitting an inquiry, commenting, submitting ideas, participating in various competitions and blog forums. However, it is not required in viewing our product catalog, shop policy, faqs, user comments, social sharing, and our contact information.

AmaiseasEnterprises.com only collects your information when you visit, interact, purchase, provide your information or register on  AmaiseasEnterprises.com or other websites and pages owned by Amaiseas Enterprises. We may combine or crosscheck the information that we have with us and with other websites.

AmaiseasEnterprises.com collects the information that is "NON-PERSONAL" in nature such as your(IP address, Visits to certain pages,AmaiseasEnterprises.com cookies) for improvement in an advertisement and services based on your interest, showcasing better content, conducting research, and for providing anonymous reporting for both external and internal clients.


Sign Up, Registration, Login

When you visit AmaiseasEnterprises.com or any other pages or websites owned by Amaiseas Enterprises then you are free to have a look at our product catalog, pricing(That we display), and other user comments, However. for interaction and placing orders. you have to register yourself so that you will not be anonymous to us anymore and we can use your identifiable information to contact you and interact with you related to our services that you admired a lot.

While registering it is mandatory to provide some information such as your name, email address, and password whereas other data is optional to add such as your gender, birth date, and location but we recommend you to provide this data as well to get the best-personalized experience on our websites.

After filling up the registration form, you have an option to subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates related to sales, offers, and much more that may interest and may be beneficial for you.

Information Sharing and it's Disclosure

AMAISEASENTERPRISES.COM does not rent, share, or trade any of the information provided by you or any other individual interacting with website, contests, competitions, and pages. However, only with your permission and based on the products and services you have requested, We may use your information under the following circumstances.
We collaborate with trustworthy third-party companies, email service providers to process your payment, orders, services, and shipping. When you sign up or provide necessary identifiable information(including your name, address, contact details, email address, credit/debit card details, UPI, net banking) for placing an order or subscribing to our newsletter. We will share the necessary amount of data with these third party companies. These third-party agencies, companies and payment handlers are prohibited to use your personal information for promotional purposes.

We may provide your nonpersonal information that has been provided from your side without any registration such as website visits, acceptance of cookies, and any other interaction with our UI to interested third party companies for pattern analyses for understanding your interaction with an advertisement, services, promotion on the website.

We reserve all the right to impart and disclose your personal and non-personal information as required by law or when it becomes crucial to safeguard our copyrights and other rights associated with judicial and legal processes or when it becomes essential to protect our rights and to take certain actions against the fraudsters, hackers, copyright infringers or any other individual, group or company associated with any illegal activities or threats to the AMAISEASENTERPRISES.COM(other pages, social media accounts/ profiles, websites owned by Amaiseas Enterprises), physical/mental safety of an individual or as per law's requirement.

Your information (personal or nonpersonal) and identity that you share through AMAISEASEASENTERPRISES.COM, comments, various social media platforms, pages, websites, blogs, messages, or any other medium that is clearly visible to and can be downloaded, shared, and used by any person, bot, anonymous users, companies, agencies, and any other third-party websites for any purpose is not handled by our organization and is not subject to this privacy policy.

We are not responsible in any way if you share your information(Personal, Non Personal) on our blog through comments or messages. 

Modification, Activation, Deactivation, Deletion of your account, and information.

If it becomes necessary for amendment, modification, or deletion of your account then you can do that by visiting your account profile page.

For Overseas Users:
If you are visiting this website from any country that has different laws and legal terms for collection, share, use, and disclosure of the information(Personal or nonpersonal) other than India. Then you are bound to agree with this that you are transferring the information to India.


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